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Lunch Program

Please send your child with a dairy/pareve kosher lunch.

To help you with this task we have instituted a new Lunch Program. For the low price of $20 per week, we will provide your child with a delicious lunch. To participate, simply fill out a form at the beginning of camp with your child's food choice. Guaranteed to be kosher, nutritous, and delicious!

Please be informed that we have campers who are fatally allergic to peanuts.

In consideration of the seriousness of this allergy, we are asking that parents refrain from sending any peanut or nut products to camp. We realize that this may be a great inconvenience to you but given the ramifications of an error made we are certain that you will understand the need for this requirement. If your child has diffuculty with this type of menu choice, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve this problem.

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