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2018-2019 Mitzvah Corps Line-Up

Game Night

Wednesday, October 24th @ 5pm - Drop off at the Shul 
Our volunteers and friends will join us for our ever popular game night! 
Another chance for everyone to bond in a fun way!



Wheelchair Basketball

Wednesday, January 30th @ 5pm - Drop off at the Shul

During this event Mitzvah Corps volunteers with partner with the Friendship Circle
and will enjoy an awesome game of wheelchair basketball with authentic
wheelchair athletes! By participating in this mission, volunteers will experience how
people with disabilities overcome challenges and participate in activities just like
us! Additionally, it will create a mindset of inclusion and awareness for
upcoming Mitzvah Corps Missions.


Connections With Our Matriarchs

Thursday, March 14th @ 5pm - Drop off at the Shul

Mitzvah Corps volunteers will mobilize for a visit with the Matriarchs Of Our Community.
During the visit, volunteers will have a chance to hear the stories of these amazing
women, while bringing some joy and light into the lives of their new friends.

Passover Food Drive

Sunday, April 14th @ 11am - Drop off at the Shul

It is an enormous mitzvah to give food to those in need during the holiday of Passover.
Volunteers will help by collecting Passover food items, packing everything up in boxes, and
helping to distribute the boxes.



To Be Announced

Sunday, April 19th @ TBA - Drop off at the Shul

Stay Tuned for Details